We prioritize children’s and youth’s health, education, well-being, and development.

Our Thematic Work Areas

Education and Child Development

We promote inclusive and quality education for children and youth in underserved communities by using innovation, capacity building, and advocacy to provide equitable learning opportunities, especially for children and youth with special needs, empowering them through transformative education.

SRHR, GBV, and Gender Equality

We provide access to comprehensive sexuality education, SRHR accurate and age-appropriate education, healthcare, and support to children and youth in underserved communities. We empower young people to address GBV and contribute to gender mainstreaming and advancing gender equality.

Approaches of intervention

Capacity Building and Skill Development

We empower our volunteers and staff by providing them with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively serve our mission and vision. We believe that a well-equipped and empowered individual enhances our ability to serve society comprehensively.

Social-Emotional Assistance

We provide psychosocial support through counseling, therapy, peer support/education, and life skills training for young individuals. Our individualized approach helps children and youth express emotions, cope with stress, and develop healthy coping mechanisms.

Research, Advocacy, and Collaboration

We conduct research to identify common issues faced by young individuals, advocate for their rights, and collaborate with policymakers and stakeholders to drive positive change. We aim to raise awareness, develop effective policies, and improve the well-being of young people.

About Us

We prioritize children’s and youth’s well-being, education, and personal growth.

We offer comprehensive support systems tailored to address the unique challenges faced by children and youth in underserved communities.

We Got Your Back is a non-government organization legally registered under the Rwandan law. It was founded in 2019 by young people with a strong commitment to empowering children and youth from underserved communities.

Our Work

Our work focuses on community initiatives dedicated to a brighter future for children and youth, especially from low and middle-income families. We focus on providing equitable opportunities, including for those with special needs, through innovative approaches and capacity building. Our commitment lies in promoting inclusive education/opportunities and empowering young people in areas like SRHR, gender equality, disability rights, and environmental conservation. By nurturing youth leadership and social transformation, we aim to equip them with vital skills, fostering a fair, sustainable, and harmonious society.

Social Impact

We are empowering children and youth, promoting inclusivity, and driving social change via diverse initiatives, making a significant, far-reaching positive impact on communities.

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People reached

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People supported

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Young people engaged and empowered

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Teen mothers and children supported

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Campaigns and Events

Our Team

Our team comprises passionate and dedicated young individuals who are resolute in their commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of children and youth. At We Got Your Back, we embrace the strength of youth leadership, actively involving young people in decision-making processes. By amplifying their voices and encouraging their active participation, we cultivate an inclusive environment where they can actively shape their own futures.

We Got Your Back works with volunteers as a glue to hold a community together, create an impact, and connect ourselves to build a generational change and make the world a better place.

Join us in shaping a brighter future through education, inclusivity, and impactful initiatives. Together, we transform lives, ignite change, and empower young individuals. Unite with us in purpose and make a profound difference.